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Anonymous asked: I hope this isn't a dumb question but I'm curious, what is the difference between placing someone under arrest and placing them under a citizen's arrest? Especially in your case, what are you taught to do in that scenario? Do you inform them that you are placing them under citizen's arrest or do you just say 'you're under arrest'? Like what do you do with the person you are arresting? Do you have to restrain them or bring them anywhere? Sorry if that was a dumb question.


That’s not a dumb question. A citizens arrest just means im placing them under arrest as a citizen not as a peace officer ( police). Getting physical with someone is really all up to the company that you work for, legally according to BSIS I can restrain someone in self defense but it depends on the company. some companies do not allow their officers to physically touch anyone, in other companies want you full hands-on. I hope that helps.

Anonymous asked: you'll never know...


I’ll never know what? O_o

Anonymous asked: Oh wow. Thanks for answering. I didn't know about the citizen's arrest with Security. Have you ever had to handcuff anyone or place them under a citizen's arrest? And do you have to read them their rights, i.e 'right to remain silent'? And with the baton are you talking about PR-24s? Oh and how was getting maced? Did you have to run and strike bags and then cuff someone up after getting that? Do you want to become a cop or corrections officer? Thank you for what you do. Stay safe.


I’ve never had to cuff anyone because people usually ran or the police arrived. I caught a guy one time who was watching me behind a dumpster. I only caught him because I snapped a pic of his license plate when I was chasing him and he realized he was screwed.

It wasn’t required to have the mase sprayed at me because im only a security officer, not a peace officer. Peace officers I believe do.

All in all I’ve had many head on run ins with intruders but have luckily never been hurt. I have stories for days. Ha!

Anonymous asked: You posted about working as a security officer. Did you have to go through any type of police academy like training? Did you learn handcuffing/defensive tactics and things like that? Also do you carry handcuffs, spray, baton or any kind of weapon?


In the state of California you take an 8 hour course that is authorized through the bureau of security and investigative services and that includes how to properly cuff someone and put them under a citizens arrest. I do carry cuffs and I became Baton and mase certified by choice, both of which were 4 hour courses.

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