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Anonymous asked: Oh wow. Thanks for answering. I didn't know about the citizen's arrest with Security. Have you ever had to handcuff anyone or place them under a citizen's arrest? And do you have to read them their rights, i.e 'right to remain silent'? And with the baton are you talking about PR-24s? Oh and how was getting maced? Did you have to run and strike bags and then cuff someone up after getting that? Do you want to become a cop or corrections officer? Thank you for what you do. Stay safe.


I’ve never had to cuff anyone because people usually ran or the police arrived. I caught a guy one time who was watching me behind a dumpster. I only caught him because I snapped a pic of his license plate when I was chasing him and he realized he was screwed.

It wasn’t required to have the mase sprayed at me because im only a security officer, not a peace officer. Peace officers I believe do.

All in all I’ve had many head on run ins with intruders but have luckily never been hurt. I have stories for days. Ha!

Anonymous asked: You posted about working as a security officer. Did you have to go through any type of police academy like training? Did you learn handcuffing/defensive tactics and things like that? Also do you carry handcuffs, spray, baton or any kind of weapon?


In the state of California you take an 8 hour course that is authorized through the bureau of security and investigative services and that includes how to properly cuff someone and put them under a citizens arrest. I do carry cuffs and I became Baton and mase certified by choice, both of which were 4 hour courses.


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