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Anonymous asked: Are you a mom? Do you have any kids?


I have a 6 year old daughter

Anonymous asked: LOL, nothing wrong with a lesbian/security officer blog! I have actually enjoyed the questions and your answers. You are very knowledgeable on the subject. I actually think it's cool you have a very different work life compared to your personal life. You are like a super hero! Do you have any interest in ever becoming a police officer? I bet you'd be awesome at it!


Haha. I actually dove into security for experience because I’m a criminology major. Unfortunately, I’m getting older and having a hard time finding the time, energy, and focus to finish in time. So I’m probably going to change my major to secondary education. I recently quit security and am now working for Google. Big change in pace but I did renew my guard card last month. Just in case. ;)

My mind (via falling-into-silence)

They say depression is like drowning but they forget to mention that love sometimes has the same effect. They say heartbreak is crying in your room alone at 3am but they forget to mention that sometimes it’s a 9am on a Friday and you’re thinking about them again. People have such a misconception of what heartbreak is and honestly if if was as beautiful and poetic as people said it was I’d get up every morning to simply get my heart destroyed.

Why do people do this? Romanticise a wrecked heart and a burnt soul. It’s like they can’t be bothered to help the bruised. It’s like they simply think that it’s an overreaction but until you see the way her eyes dance like leaves in autumn and hear her words race around your brain life cars on a track that you realise heartbreak is depression caused not by your brain but by that one girl who drew you in and, pushed you to fall and then took you in her hands and crushed you into a million shattered pieces on the floor.

You’d do anything. Run around the earth, swim the seven seas, try to capture the stars that look like almost as pretty as her shining eyes but she doesn’t want you. There’s nothing you can do. No way to get her back. You try to be angry but the only anger you feel is not being good enough even though you know you done your very best. You try to act like you don’t care but deep down you just want to feel her warmth again. You’d do anything, but nothing will work.

So next time you say that you haven’t lived until you’re heartbroken know that you are wrong. That’s what I’m trying to tell you because until you’re heartbroken you do not know what it’s like to be killed and kept alive. Sometimes like you’re living-dead but all you want is to close your eyes at night and not wake up in the morning. Having a broken heart hurts, that is not beautiful. Please understand.

My blog used to be a lesbian blog, it’s become a security officer blog… same shit. Haha

Anonymous asked: Maybe you have or haven't but if you ever had to arrest or detain two people, would you handcuff them together? Is that allowed or do you just carry multiple sets of cuffs? And when you hold someone for the police would you or can you handcuff them to a fixed object like a desk or a pole just to make sure they wont get away? Have you ever had do any of that? I've always wondered this


A detainment is different from an arrest. Arrests are formal detainment mean you’re kinda just busting their balls. Either way, I only carried one pair and if you cant get someone to stay put then all you can do is hope the police get them with your description of the suspects. For the most part, people are intimidated by a uniform and will usually cooperate.

"#Scruffy… the #janitor" #futurama

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